Georgette Fabric

Georgette fabric is a textile made from Silk. It has the light crepe texture, which feels slightly rough, but makes the fabric bit bouncy giving it a flowing look. The threads used in Georgette fabric are highly twisted, which gives a rubbery texture when rubbed, making the fabric almost appear to move on its own. Pure Georgette fabric is thin in nature and most expensive when compared to other fabrics. Traditionally these fabrics were worn by Royal families as they were expensive, elegant and classy but with the passage of time, introduction of new machines and cost effectiveness; this fabric has become one of the widely used textile with many variations.

Types of Georgette:

  1. 80grms Georgette: This is the most pure and expensive one; generally used in heavy sarees and suits where heavy work and embroidery is done on them. Since it is bit heavy, it can easily hold heavy work on it. Generally wedding Sarees and Lehngas are made in this fabric.

  2. 60grms Georgette: Though it is Pure Georgette the cloth is lighter than 8ogrms. this is ideal for embroidery work, digital and normal prints. It is suitable for heavy work in Salwar Suits and light work in Sarees.

  3. 40grms Georgette: This is the most extensively used fabric for Printed Tunics and dresses having light work, ladies western tops, skirts, gowns and printed Sarees. This is again a Pure form of Georgette and slightly cheaper than the above mentioned Georgettes.

  4. Faux Georgette or Artificial Georgette: Since Pure Georgette is expensive; a new kind of Georgette was introduced which has the polyester weaving done in the fabric and is called Faux Georgette. It is much cheaper than Pure Georgette and the cloth looks quite heavy. This Georgette, when rubbed gives a crackling kind of feel.

The difference in Pure and Faux Georgette can be identified with the roughness of the fabric. The Faux Georgette has Hard roughness in fabric Pure Georgette has Soft roughness in the fabric.

Faux Georgette is 5 times cheaper than the Pure one as the texture of the fabric gives more of a synthetic look & feel and also the fact that Dyed Faux Georgette looses its colour easily making it look faded after a few washes or dry cleans, where as the Pure Georgette attains a self shine and looks more brighter after few dry cleans.

Hence now a days it's very important to differentiate between Faux and Pure Georgette, as shopkeepers in order to make more money are selling Faux Georgette in the name of Pure with triple the price of it's real cost.